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MY STORY...(so far!)

I started playing drums immediately after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964.  My mother cursed that day (oh well!)  Formed a high school band called the Knight Watchmen and played every weekend around Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

 I went pro in 1970 and toured all over Western Canada.  I finally met up with some musicians who wanted to pursue a recording career.  Together with Doug Rusu and Denis Meneely we hired a singer by the name of Kenny Shields.  Kenny was making his comeback after a serious car accident.  Kenny Shields already had a few big hits at the time with Witness Incorporated. 

After two years I moved to Vancouver and played with R & B bands, show bands, etc.  I decided to move to Portland and study jazz music at Mt. Hood Community College.  Great times but decided to get back to R & R so the journey started again in Vancouver, BC.  Not long after that I had a call from GRT records and the manager of One Horse Blue hired me in Edmonton where I then took up residency.  I later moved to Las Vegas and played with a  great "all original" rock band and recorded at Can AM Studios in Los Angeles  with Gary Goetzman as producer (look him up on Wikipedia). 

I came back to Edmonton and formed a band - Love the Life - with Doug Jenson, Charlotte Wieb, Kennedy Jenson, and Les Weis.  Around the same time I played with Tim Feehan, Brian Hughes, Gord Maxwell, and also the P J Burton Band

I decided to go back to school and studied X-ray and MRI.  After 22 years of  health care I felt it was time to get back to my music, so here I am still rockin' and loving every minute. 

Hope you enjoy the songs and tell your friends all about it.

Rock on!
Bill Bobinski

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